Meet n Fuck

With so many people just looking to meet n fuck these days, it’s hard actually getting harder to find good quality sex partners online. Admittedly, there are a lot of folks who are less discriminatory than I am and will have sex with anyone with two legs. That said, the optimal experience for all of us is usually finding the sexiest trustworthy partner you can meet n fuck on the drop of a dime.

Being a girl, I’ve always had my pick of the litter until recently. I used to check out sites like and was often having a naughty hookup the same night. Well recently I had a wild experience I thought would be sexy to share. I should mention that I am married but have been cheating for many years. Oops.

This weekend certainly felt odd I thought within me, not sure if it was because of my husband’s old friend Charles who was staying over for the weekend, or the shady, sneaky movement of my husband with Charles. Coming back late from a long day, all everyone could do was to sleep off immediately as a result of the stress, at least that is what I thought when I was on the bed with my husband Mick, while Charles was to sleep on the couch downstairs.

Sleeping hasn’t been so easy for me these days, not confident the cause, but I felt thirsty at the moment and hence needed to get some water. My hunch is I need a good meet n fuck. I went downstairs to get myself a glass of water; walked past the guest room and across the front door, and I had a glass of water. I wore a silky red robe which was supported with my hands from falling off. I felt the chilly air rush through my half naked body as I closed the refrigerator. On my way back I heard little sounds of moaning from Charles who was supposed to be asleep. I stood near the wall close to the couch watching him masturbate and moaning simultaneously as he climaxed, I began to enjoy my spectating eventually. I was shocked with great surprise when I noticed he turned around and said: “Louise you don’t mind coming over to help me out do you??”

At that moment I realized my clothes has fallen off as a result of the shock I had, “You are insane,” I replied as I turned and bent down to pick up my dropped dress. When I turned, he had become positioned behind me and was now firmly holding my hips against him. He still didn’t grasp that my naked body was a mistake and that I never agreed to the idea of being with him. He wasn’t the mystery man I expected, but as he pulled my naked buttocks onto his concealed engorged cock I enjoyed it. He was never going to be mysterious, but it didn’t make it any less dangerous knowing him the way I did.

He reached over and placed one hand on my shoulder, and pulled up so that so that I stood straight and turned again to look deep into his eyes. He again started to kiss me and hold my nakedness in his hands, and something about him made me feel shy. I felt myself begin to kiss back, and allowed him to pull my body deep into his embrace. He stopped our oral connection and made his way down my neck with a warm vacuum of kissing.

I tried to close my eyes to concentrate on what was happening. His kissing trailed down lower-and-lower until he was on his knees breathing deeply over my pleading pussy. The clouds of being a cheating housewife were disappearing with each soft touch of his tongue. I was still feeling too awkward and shy to let him hear how good he made me feel, but as he lifted one of my legs over his shoulder to lick me deeper I exhaled deeply while instinctively placing one hand on the top of his head to Guild him. As his tongue swirled, I looked down as he savored the juices I made only for him. My body had already given itself to him, and it was only moments before I could feel my voice would too. “Go lock the front door” I hesitantly said as the first of his fingers touched my most sacred of places.

He looked way up at me, and he smiled before returning to his feet. As he pulled away to follow my request, I attempted to cover my nakedness with the dress in my hands, but he caught me by the wrist. All he said was “Don’t,” and I dropped the dress onto the floor. I thought we were going to meet n fuck one more time. He broke his hold on me and turned to close the door properly, and prevent any disruptions.